Learn more in the Pages Manager Help Center. Yes No. You can join the program to give early feedback to help improve the Pages Manager app for everyone. Please remember that beta versions of the Pages Manager app for Android are still in development. If you aren't sure that you've completed the process to join, you can check to see if you've joined the program by visiting the beta enrollment page.

If you're testing the beta version, you'll see You are a tester at the bottom. Join the Beta Program If you use the Pages Manager app for Android, complete the following steps from your Android to start testing the beta version of the app: Go to the beta enrollment page for the Pages Manager app.

Download the Pages Manager app from the Play Store to update your app. Give Us Feedback If you're testing the beta version of the Pages Manager app for Android, you can help us improve the quality of the app before we release it to everyone by taking a few steps: Install weekly updates that may include new features.

Use the Pages Manager app as you normally do, and if you encounter a problem or want to let us know what you think, give us feedback from the app. To give us feedback from the Pages Manager app: You can run sweepstakes campaigns, photo contests, video contests, and referral promotions. Setting up a poll with Polls for Facebook only takes a few minutes.

32 Useful Facebook Page Apps for Your Business

You can create fully customizable forms, expand your reach, and chart your results. Polldaddy has an integration with Facebook that allows you to run Polldaddy surveys, quizzes, and polls through your Facebook Page. Any polls you create in Facebook will be available for you to view and manage in your Polldaddy dashboard. Livestream allows you to stream live videos from your Facebook Page. With Networked Blogs you can automatically publish your blog posts to Facebook. The app also allows you to share your blog content across all your social media networks.


Page Yourself allows you to customize your Facebook Pages to include elements like your blog. You can drag and drop elements and uniquely position your content. Post to your Facebook Page or multiple social networks at once. The Fan of the Week app awards points to fans based on their liking activity on your Page.

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It will give you a real-time list of your biggest fans. Boast makes it easy to collect and display customer video reviews and testimonials on Facebook. After customers provide their feedback, you can collect and share it—all through your Facebook Page. The Zendesk app for Hootsuite allows your customer support team to manage, create, edit, and share tickets on social from one central location. LiveChat offers an integration for your Facebook Page so that you can easily chat with your customers on social and let your website visitors log in to chat with their Facebook accounts.

Hootsuite Insights allows you to understand the discussions happening around your brand with real-time analytics. Gauge sentiment, join conversations sooner, watch trends, and track your performance. You can filter posts and share the best performing content to your Facebook Page. You'll also see when people are looking at your Page and how they found it — which can help you to tailor future posts. Discover how many people are viewing your Page and what sections they're looking at.

You can use that information to target different audiences with boosted posts and ads or tailor your content to their interests. See a breakdown of how each of your Facebook Page posts have performed over time.

You'll see how many people each post has reached, and how many engaged through clicks and reactions — so you can quickly analyse what's working best. Learn how to use Page Insights to understand how people are engaging with your Page in the Help Centre. Get started. Create an Ad Create a Page. Audience Network. Marketing on Messenger Getting started Advertising. Online learning Certification Help Learn the skills you need to use Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to grow your business with free online courses. Online learning.

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32 Useful Facebook Page Apps for Your Business

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