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As it is compatible with both iPad and iPhone, people are opting for this one; especially who are not very well-versed about technical terms.


This is usually used for commercial purpose as it is given by Microsoft. With this, you can have access to your official or personal computer without much hassle! Compatible with both iPad and iPhone, this app helps you complete your task without much hassle. It is the favorite of thousands of individuals across the globe.

If you are looking for a free remote desktop app that is compatible with both iPad and iPhone and is strong and stable as well, then there is no better option than VNC Viewer. With this, you can easily access your Windows, Mac, or Linux system.

The developers claim to be the original inventors of VNC remote access technology and have gained positive reviews from people all over! This is one of the best remote desktop applications available on iTunes. It is simple and secure for all types of users. In case you are concerned about security and privacy, then you can keep your worries at bay; this application is highly secure! You can access and control your system easily and even remotely run any application as well. Also, this is going along with iPad and iPhone!

Best Remote Desktop Apps for iOS You Must Know About

This app is also quite simple and user-friendly. Yes, it requires some investment, but it is worth. In both cases, you can stream video content, as well as view and edit various Microsoft Office based files, as well as PDFs. You can even play sophisticated games through the app, as well as view flash and java content via the full desktop browser of your choice. You can use it to easily access anything on your PC or Mac, no matter where you are in the world.

You can use it to copy and paste between your computer and phone, multi task effectively, and quickly access important files.

Best Remote Desktop Apps for iOS Users

It offers an array of tweaks for getting your virtual mouse working just how you want it to, as well as a zoom and magnifying tool. Synchronized options mean you can carry on where you left off between multiple different devices, with support for gestures, hot corners, and clipboard sharing. It includes iCloud integration so that all of your iCloud devices can be connected.

The Best Remote Desktop Software

Screens VNC has awesome gesture-based controls which once learned, become quite natural to use. I have used TeamViewer for a while in my personal life. TeamViewer offers decent performance for a free app.

Remote Desktop Apps

It lags a little and has a slight delay in movement. Overall though, TeamViewer is a great remote desktop app for iPhone and iPad. Welcome to LogMeIn's big brother. So why do we rank it lower than its little sibling?

Best Remote Desktop Apps for iOS You Must Know About

One thing makes you think twice about the full-featured version of LogMeIn: LogMeIn Ignition comes in at one cent short of a hundred dollars. I'll let you read that again… Yes! Granted, you can play HD videos and play games through it but we feel the price tag is a little high.

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A universal app, iSSH offers great versatility and is available at a comparatively low price. Jump desktop is a VNC type remote desktop connection app for the iPad. This means you can connect really easily to your Mac PC needs a little more work and it requires no additional software.