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To get a little taste of iPhone X on your Android phone, click on the link below:. Download iPhone X Launcher. One Launcher is one of the most stable iOS launchers to get on your Android phone. The app is a clone of what you get on iPhone interface and it does it with an immense level of accuracy. It will have app icons scattered around your home screen, just like iPhone, but since the app has customization option you can easily modify it according to your taste. Another advantage with One Launcher is that you can categories your phone apps.

IOS 11 Theme v2 for all samsung phones

The app is available in Google Play Store and you can download it from the link below:. Download One Launcher. The app can deliver iOS-like effects with a smooth interface and is open to customization, which is one thing that everybody would love to work around. To use the launcher on your phone you can either download it from Google Play Store and follow the link below:. Download xOS Launcher. The iLauncher X makes it to this list because of its simplicity and ease of functioning.

2. One Launcher

With a simple tap, it will replace your Android phone icons with that of iOS icons. However, it limits the customization option thereby keeping the launcher largely static. Apart from this, the app is very lightweight and fast. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or you can click on the link below:. Download iLauncher OS Spoiler alert! Download it from Google Play store or simply click on the link below:. Download Control Panel — Smart Toggle. This iOS lookalike launcher is claimed to be gentle on your memory resources without taking up a lot of CPU cycles.

This is one important aspect to consider while choosing a launcher because the launcher applications are always running in the background and require memory allocation at startup. This app gives users near iPhone experience with similar interface and lock screen notifications. This launcher gives you the feel of the latest iPhone X with iOS 12 interface and apple-inspired wallpapers.

You can access weather information, favourite contacts and calendar in the iOS 12 launcher style. It even has rounded screen corners to make your android phone look like iPhone. This does a great job of complementing the soft, dark taupe used for headers and the crisp white backdrops in apps and menus. Most of the themes so far have had black, grey, or white backgrounds, but Emerald deviates from this trend with a tasteful and complimentary color palette.

Samsung Galaxy Y iPhone Theme Original

Aside from the white backgrounds, understated accent colors in the green and orange spectrum are used, which are contrasted by colorful round icons. The default wallpaper used with this theme might make Sooty look a bit too blue, but that can be changed at any time. The icons are very close to stock, but backgrounds are black with white text, and a cool red color is used to accent the blue headers that sit directly opposite on the color wheel. I'm not quite sure what's going on with the distorted Hangouts logo in the middle of Indigo Flat's default wallpaper, but again, that can be easily changed.

With that out of the way, though, icons are a slightly cooler shade of their stock counterparts, and most interfaces use a neutral grey-and-white template. This one is an iOS-inspired theme if I ever saw one. From the pastel-yet-somehow-still-neon icons, to the light and bright color palette, it's strikingly similar to the iPhone's newest interface. Most of the icons are patterned directly after iOS 9, which certainly serves to complete the look.

This next theme would be a good choice for fans of stock Android that want a slightly darker interface. Material Dark sports grey backgrounds with white text and toggles, as well as the occasional green accent color. Icons here are exact copies of those you would find on a Nexus device, so the stock Android experience is captured very nicely. Blush adds a touch of color while still being able to keep things nice and simple.

Aside from the warm reddish color, you'll find white backgrounds in most apps, as well as understated icons that are quite similar to those found in stock Android. Pearl is from the same developer as Blush, so you get a very similar interface with one exception—blue is the accent color here instead of red.

The backgrounds are still white on all menus, and the icons are still clean and simple.

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This next theme came as a result of high demand, since Galaxy owners have always been vocal about wanting Samsung to ditch the TouchWiz look and leave the interface more like stock Android. Material Design grants us our wishes by doing a great job of replicating stock Android 5. The color purple is not for everyone, but if you're a fan, the theme Purple does a nice job of adding the color to the interface without going overboard.

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Icons here are wire-frame silhouettes, and backgrounds are a complimenting shade of white. This next theme is like a slightly desaturated version of the stock theme, with white accents instead of yellow, and rounded icons. One other difference you'll notice is the abstract geometric pattern that serves as a backdrop to some but not all apps.

Flat Candy uses a cooler color palette on its square icons, and this is complemented well by more punchy accent colors. Backgrounds here are primarily white, but a darker grey is used wherever possible to balance that out. When the Samsung theme engine first debuted, Urban was just about the only theme I'd be caught dead using. It gives you rounded icons and subtle, understated coloring, but uses a nice orange accent color to provide a bit of flair.

Which theme did you choose for your Galaxy device? The only way to obtain the Theme Store in the A5 is if you first have it rooted. As far as I know, none of the A Series have the Store option.

Night, Clean Darkness and Fantasy White are my favorites.