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You play virtual hands and receive feedback based on your play. Win in-app currency to get additional hand packs for play and coaching. Game scenarios are crafted by world professionals to teach you valuable and realistic lessons. Play for free, win more hand packs or skip ahead by purchasing more hand packs with the in-app purchases.

To finish off today's list of best poker apps for iPhone we have World Series of Poker - WSOP Texas Holdem Free Casino, which provides you with free chips every four hours so that you can keep playing on a continuous basis. This app is compatible with all of your iOS devices and you can even play on your desktop computer via Facebook. There are numerous tables or tournaments to play in, around the clock.

Fast No-Wait Multiplayer Play

Upon joining, you get a welcome stack of chips and you can also earn more free chips each day. If you desire, there are in-app purchases for more chips. This app provides a realistic playing experience throughout a variety of options like 5 player or 9 player tables, tournaments and more. This diehard poker community is welcoming and challenging at the same time. Make new friends, rivals or respected peers. Texas Hold'em by Yiihua offers a beautiful portrait orientation interface with an awesome social system that allows you to interact with other players and make friends so that you can enjoy playing together again in the future.

There is a fantastic competitive element to this game as you can see where you place on the leaderboards and try to increase your rankings by playing more and more. What's more, there are tons of rewards on offer, and you can even earn more by playing on the slot machine. Check out our app review for more details. The calculations are lighting fast with a high degree of accuracy. The interface is easy to use and is optimized for the latest iDevices. From pre to post flops, this app will aid you greatly in determining what move you should make based on the odds and calculations.

Download it now and watch how your poker playing improves. This highly addicting and fun poker game is now available on the iOS for all to play. Play against other people from around the world and learn how to become one of the best poker players around. You need a Facebook account to register for this app. As you win and progress through tournaments, your player ratings will rise. The app has a stylish interface, friendly atmosphere and in-app purchases to acquire more coins. You can get free daily gifts and more chip bonuses in addition to the large amount of chips you get when first signing up.

There are in-app purchases to quickly get more chips and go all in if you desire. You successfully subscribed. Get for free.

Top 5 Poker Offline Apps

This is a discussion on Offline poker game for practice? Offline poker game for practice? Poker Games - Top 10 Games. June 27th, , 7: Poker at: Does anyone know of a good Holdem game to use for practice when you cant get online?

I would think that none would really be accurate, I tried one from big fish games and could tell quickly it was programed to give you an edge. Thanks for any replies. A lot of people are still looking at this thread for answers on what to do when you can't get online to play so updating this a bit. I agree with those below who suggested spending some time reading some good poker books. There are some listed here: Best Holdem Poker book?

Poker books that changed your life. Similar Threads for: June 27th, , 3: Online Poker at: For android "million dollar poker" is realy nice For PC you should try "Texas holdem poker deluxe edition" or if you're a patient person WSOP Battle for the bracelets. June 27th, , 8: BomTombadil []. If the main goal is to improve your game I think you'd be way better off reading poker books in the office instead of using a poker simulator type computer program.

June 27th, , 9: MK8 [39]. Unfortunately I don't think there are any offline simulations that would be any good at preparing you for real money cash games. You're better off depositing at micro stakes if you can afford it and learning where decisions are influenced by money. Don't waste your time or money with offline software, you need real opponents for real growth and results. June 28th, , 5: Thanks guys. I was thinking it would be better to just practice against real people.

I will leave the games alone. June 28th, , Go for play money games at the main sites, that's the better training. June 29th, , 3: Originally Posted by edge Aleksei [1,]. Just get a poker book. Originally Posted by Aleksei. June 29th, , 6: Can anyone recommend a good one? I only play tournament NL holdem right now, but I also want to learn cash games. Kill Everyone is probably the better all-around book out there right now. Harrington on Online Cash Games might be a good read never read it , and John A's book is about the best I've read for cash plus it's free.


Dan Negreanu's book is probably good for reasonably tight deepstack MTTs. I agree that Kill Everyone is a fantastic book, but it's about sng's and tournaments, not cash. Yes, the newer edition does have a 6 max cash chapter, but for a cash book I'd suggest something else. The Harrington on cash books are pretty good. There's a lesser known cash book called No-Limit Texas Hold'em - A Complete Course by Angel Largay that I think is quite good and has a few nuggets that I've not seen in any other book and I've read 3 dozen plus of em.

If it's your first book on cash games I'd recommend the Harington on Cash books though.

The 5 Best Offline No Wi-Fi Required Texas Hold’em Poker Apps

They are a very good starting point. I also suggest playing against yourself in a nine handed game June 29th, , 8: Lock Poker.

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When it come down to offline poker i usually round some boys up from the hood for a house game, and some grilling cant beat it. But for offline poker im not a fan because of the pace of the games. Hard to get on a roll if its really slow poker. June 30th, , 4:

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