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The key features of the app are: You can email these wherever you want them to go. As well as having all of the great features of Work Diary, it also has the following powerful features: Enter details of your regular working patterns into a Template.

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The Template can then be used again and again to record your work activities in one simple step. A great time-saver! These can be used again and again. Another great time-saver! Various bug fixes and cosmetic updates. Really like the program. Easy to download the data by sending reports to your self. The reason it gets 4 stars is instead of giving us faithful user an upgrade of Cloud, we are being forced to upgrade to Work Diary Pro - Cloud. Very non intuitive, minimal tutorials, tons of set-up on the front-end.

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Pretty hard to edit work categories. I gave 3 stars but I might be too generous there. Upgraded to PRO because of the other useful features on the app. It does need a better User Interface design, but other than it's great! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. No longer required.

Added fix to Notes screen. Release for iOS7. Cosmetic changes only. As an app, I appreciate that Notability can embed multiple data types and files within a page and that it can zoom into scalable ink that doesn't lose quality at bigger sizes. The variety of tools available in Notability allows me to create my own mind maps with any kind of shape or color I want because I'm not depending on anyone to support my favorite note-taking layouts. I don't feel constrained by features someone else decided for me because I'm fully in charge of structuring and formatting my notes.

In Notability, you can select drawings, cut them, and paste them elsewhere, which means you can use them as mini templates, like my checkmarks. At the same time, I wish Notability went the extra mile and supported an infinite canvas not bound by the traditional confines of a "page".

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And I also would have liked to see deeper support for any kind of data type or file that can be imported on iOS — whether it's a URL from Safari, a video, rich text from Notes, or a file copied from a document provider. From this standpoint, my ideal tool would be a mix of iThoughts, OneNote 2 , and Notability — a truly versatile notebook, deeply integrated with iOS technologies, which allowed me to enter anything I want into a infinitely zoomable canvas. For now, I'm happy with Notability and its page-oriented approach. I'm organizing my notes in subjects such as "iPad Diaries" and "Personal Notes" and there's a lot more I want to try and learn.

For instance, I'm going to set up templates by duplicating notes; I'll also consider marking up early drafts of stories from the MacStories team with a Pencil and red ink. I'm researching a handful of future stories in Notability, and while I can't see myself outlining my iOS reviews in the app for that kind of large scale project, I'll still rely on iThoughts , I like the writing environment created by the Apple Pencil and Notability. As someone who moved past pen and paper several years ago, I wasn't expecting to like the Pencil as much as I am.

Once I accepted the Pencil as a non-artistic input device, I began rediscovering the pleasure and concentration of manual note-taking. The Pencil is bringing back a kind of joy I had long forgotten — a delightfully visual, tactile experience that can't be replicated by any software or hardware keyboard. And if this different flavor of note-taking can help me relax and plan ahead with a deeper focus, I believe it's an area I should continue exploring.

iPad Diaries: Apple Pencil, Notability, and the Joy of Note-Taking

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I have other qualities. By comparison, Noteshelf's ink appeared slightly blurry on the Notability's ink feels more like a real pen and less like a subpar digital adaptation.

So, what exactly is a work diary?

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