Sony Xperia P seems to be designed as high-end Smartphone. It about pixels density. The touch tablet form factor with x Along with the mAH Lithium Ion battery capacity, this device has about grams on weight measure. Having a good smartphone without any option for external microSD card might be make you not satisfy with the internal storage.

It not include with games, applications or any document that you been created or downloaded.

Sony XPERIA P LT22i Working Instructions

The solution for this issue can be save by transferring the data to your computer which has an enough space for the storage memory. To do this, read the tutorial how you can connect and transfer you phone to computer on page with your USB cable connection. For windows user you can download the PC companion at here.

Alternatively you can also use the Media Go to do that. This reset would get your phone back to original settings and the data that you been created and added would be deleted. Be wise and still always to make the back up. Of course there are many others tutorial that you can find. Speaking of the image above, that is the phone overview of Xperia P. From the sensor location, menu, home, back keys and even SIM card slot or Power button clearly seen where it been placed on the body of the phone.

Sony Xperia P (LT22i) Unboxing

See the detail on page 13 of the User Guide of Xperia P. See it on PDF Download tab section. If you see a blank page, just Reload your browser. If you are an Android lover, it might be a little disappointed about the version of Android runs on Xperia P. As you might knew, the latest version of Android is Ice cream sandwich 4. Although, it also mentioned that this phone are planned to be upgraded to v4.

It ready up to 13GB user available. To clear all cache for an application From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Settings. Tap the application for which you want to clear all cache. Tap Clear cache. Before you download content Before you download, make sure that you have an Internet connection. Also, you may need to have enough space in the internal storage to download content. Take your pick from the latest Hollywood releases, action movies, comedies, classics, and a range of other categories.

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Getting organized Calendar Your phone has a calendar for managing your time schedule. See Synchronizing data on your phone on page To set the calendar view From your Home screen, tap , then find and tap Calendar. To edit an existing alarm From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Alarm. Tap the alarm you want to edit. Scroll up or down to adjust the time. If desired, edit other alarm settings. Tap Done. The alarm time format displayed is the same as the format you select for your general time settings, for example, hour or hour.

To snooze an alarm when it sounds Tap Snooze - min.


For example, you see a coat in a magazine ad and want to find the nearest retail outlet to buy it. Synchronizing data on your phone You can sync contacts, email, calendar events, and other information with your phone from multiple email accounts, synchronization services and other kinds of accounts, depending on the applications installed on your phone. Synchronizing your phone with other information sources is an easy and practical way to stay up to date. After setup, you can find your information in the Email, Calendar and Contacts applications. Make sure the Activate auto-sync checkbox is marked so that applications can synchronize data automatically.

Tap Account settings. Tap Sync interval and select an interval option. NFC Near Field Communication is a short-range wireless technology that lets you exchange data with other devices, pay for goods using your phone, and scan special tags that give you more information about a product or service. You can share tags that you scan. To view tags that you have scanned From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Tags. All tags you have scanned and saved appear under the Tags tab. To open a tag, tap its content.

This way you can browse the web and access cheaper call and data rates. If your company or organization has a virtual private network VPN , you can connect to this network with your phone. Mark the Network notification checkbox. From your Home screen, tap , then find and tap Connected devices.

Press , then tap Media server. This name will later appear on other client devices connected to the Wi-Fi network, to identify your phone. From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Gallery. Open the album containing the files you want to view. Tap the Security field to select a security type. Web browser Use your web browser to view and navigate web pages, add pages as bookmarks, and create shortcuts to your Home screen. You can open several browser windows at the same time and use the zoom function when navigating a web page. To open the web browser From your Home screen, tap Find and tap To open a bookmark When the Browser is open, press Tap Bookmarks.

Tap the bookmark you want to open. To edit a bookmark When the Browser is open, press Tap Bookmarks. Touch and hold a bookmark to open a menu. Tap Edit bookmark. To open a link in a new browser window Touch and hold a link until a menu appears. Tap Open in new window. To switch between browser windows When the Browser is open, press Tap Windows to see a list of all open windows. Tap the window you want to switch to. If auto-fit is disabled, you might need to scroll sideways to read a full sentence.

Plugin settings You can adjust how a plugin functions on a web page. Music Get the most out of your music player. Listen to and organize music, audio books and podcasts that you have transferred to your phone's internal storage from a computer, or purchased and downloaded from online stores. To share a track When browsing your tracks in the music player library, touch and hold a track title. Tap Send. Select an available transfer method, and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can also share albums and playlists this way. You might not be able to copy, send or transfer copyright-protected items. Using My music to organize your tracks Tap the My Music tab in the Music player to get an overview of all the tracks you've saved to your phone's internal storage. In My Music you can manage your albums and playlists, create shortcuts, and arrange music by mood and tempo. Playlists The music player automatically creates Smart playlists on the playlist tab in the music player library.

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You can also create your own playlists from the music that is saved on your phone's internal storage. In the track information screen, tap Share. Select one of the available transfer methods. For example, you can browse and listen to FM radio stations and save them as favorites. You must connect a wired headset or headphones to the phone before you can use the radio. This is because the headset or headphones act as an antenna. To save a channel as a favorite When the radio is open, navigate to the channel that you want to save as a favorite.

To remove a channel as a favorite When the radio is open, tap next to the channel you want to remove. If successful, you are presented with a track result, or a list of possible tracks. Press to return the FM Radio. To take a photo by touching the screen Activate the camera. If the still camera is not selected, drag To display all settings, press Tap Capturing method and select Touch capture if it is not already selected. Point the camera toward the subject. To activate auto focus, touch and hold a spot on the screen.

To turn on face detection Activate the camera. If the still camera is not selected, drag Tap the icon on the top left, then select Normal. To take a photo using face detection When the camera is open and Face detection is set, point the camera at your subject. Using still camera settings To adjust the still camera settings Activate the camera. If the still camera is not selected, drag Tap one of the settings icons on the left of the screen.

To display all settings, press Select the setting you want to adjust, then edit as desired. To customize the still camera settings panel When the camera is open, press to display all settings. Determine the amount of light in the photo you want to take. A higher value indicates an increased amount of light. This setting is only available in Normal capturing mode. Image stabilizer When recording a video, it can be difficult to hold the phone steady. The stabilizer helps you by compensating for small movements of the hand.

Use when taking photos at night or in poorly lit environments without the flash. Due to long exposure time, the camera must be held still or placed on a stable surface. When Night scene is selected, focus mode is changed to Infinity Night portrait Use for portrait photos at night or in poorly lit environments with or without the flash. A high resolution widescreen format.

Has a higher resolution than full HD. Suitable for photos you want to view on widescreen displays. Suitable for photos you want to view on non-widescreen displays. Identify a particular focus area by touching the camera screen with your finger.

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The photo is taken as soon as you release your finger. This applies only when focus mode is set to touch focus. Camera key only Take a photo only using the hardware camera key. To record a video by tapping the screen Activate the camera. Tap the camera screen to start recording. Tap the camera screen to stop recording. Video camera settings overview Scenes The Scenes feature helps you to quickly set up the camera for common situations using preprogrammed scenes. The camera determines a number of settings for you to fit the selected scene, ensuring the best possible video.

The Scenes feature is off and photos can be taken manually. Focus mode The focus setting controls which part of a video should be sharp. When continuous autofocus is on, the camera keeps adjusting focus so that the area within the white focus frame stays sharp. Single autofocus The camera automatically focuses on the selected subject. Continuous autofocus is on.

Face detection The camera automatically detects up to five human faces, indicated by frames on the screen. You can record a video with the stabilizer turned on.

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You can record a video with the stabilizer turned off. Microphone Select whether to pick up the surrounding sound when recording videos. In Sweep Multi Angle mode, the camera takes several images at different angles as you sweep across the scene. Tap the icon on the upper left of the screen, then select Sweep Multi Angle. Press the camera key halfway down to lock the focus. Press the camera key fully down, then pan the camera from left to right in a steady horizontal movement. Working with albums You can rearrange your photos and videos within albums as well as move content between albums.

Tap any album showing the icon. Photos are displayed in a chronologically ordered grid. To watch a slideshow of your photos From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Gallery. Tap an album to open it, then tap a photo and press In the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, tap Slideshow. Tap a photo to end the slideshow. You can also play photos that you've taken using Sweep Multi Angle mode and view them from multiple angles. Tap Scan for devices.

Enter a passcode, if required. Mark the Bluetooth checkbox. Tap Bluetooth settings. Mark the Discoverable checkbox. The phone is now visible to other devices for seconds. Connecting your phone to a computer Connect your phone to a computer and start transferring pictures, music and other file types. The easiest ways to connect are using a USB cable or Bluetooth wireless technology.

When you connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable, you are prompted to install the PC Companion application on your computer. To connect paired devices wirelessly in Media transfer mode Make sure Media transfer mode is enabled on your phone. It is normally enabled by default. Tap the paired device that you want to connect to under Trusted devices. Tap Connect. In the status bar, Internal storage connected appears.

This application helps you to play media files from your phone on TVs and other devices. Using location services to find your position Use your phone to find out where you are. There are two methods: GPS and wireless networks. Enable the wireless networks option if you only need your approximate location, and want it fast.

If you want a more exact position, and have a clear view of the sky, enable the GPS option. Before taking trips, you can download and save maps to your internal storage to avoid high roaming costs. You may incur data connection charges when you connect to the Internet from your phone. Backing up and restoring phone content Use the Backup and restore application to make backups of phone content to your internal storage or to an online storage account. Such backups can be used to restore your content and some phone settings in cases where your data gets lost or deleted.

Types of content you can back up Use the Backup and restore application to back up the following types of data: You should keep a copy of this number. If your phone is stolen, your network provider can use your IMEI number to stop the phone from accessing the network in your country. If this happens, contact your service provider to get a new SIM card. Enter a password. The password must contain at least one letter and must be at least four characters long. Tap Continue. Updating your phone Update your phone to the most recent software version to get optimal performance and the latest enhancements.

You can use the Update center application on your phone to run a wireless update, or you can use the PC Companion application on a computer to run an update using a USB cable connection. When prompted, follow the instructions in the phone to launch the installation of PC Companion on the computer. PC Companion can also be downloaded from www. To download software updates using a USB cable connection Install the PC Companion application on the computer you are using, if it is not already installed.

Phone settings overview Get to know the settings in your phone so that you can personalize them to your own requirements. Status and notification icons overview Status icons The following status icons may appear on your screen: An upcoming calendar event A song is playing The phone is connected to a computer via a USB cable Warning message Error message Missed call Call ongoing Call on hold Call forwarding on Software updates available Downloading data Uploading data More undisplayed notifications This is an Internet version of this publication. Application overview Alarm Set an alarm Browse the web Browser Calculator Perform basic calculations Keep track of your appointments Calendar Camera Take photos and record video clips Keep track of your friends and colleagues Contacts 3D Album View photos and pictures in 3D presentation mode Create wide-angle, panoramic pictures 3D Camera Downloads User support Access user support directly in your phone through the Help application.

For example, you can open a User guide with instructions on how to use your phone. You can also get troubleshooting and other help from the Sony Mobile support zone, and from the Sony Mobile Customer support service. Troubleshooting My phone is not working as expected If you experience problems with your phone, check these tips before you try anything else: Tap Factory data reset.

Tap Reset phone. To confirm, tap Erase everything. No battery charging icon appears when phone starts charging It may take a few minutes before the battery icon appears on the screen. The battery performance is low Follow our smart tips on how to get more out of your battery. Recycling your phone Got an old phone lying around the house? Why not recycle it? Find out more about the recycling options in your region at www. Index HD High Definition video Also See for Xperia P User manual - pages.

Page of Go. Page 96 - Taking photos and recording videos Page 97 - Face detection Page 98 - Adding the geographical position to your Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Previous page. Next page. Page 2: Table Of Contents Contents Important information Page 3 Sharing your contacts Page 5 Viewing photos in 3D Album Page 6 Recycling your phone Page 7: Important Information Important information Please read the Important information leaflet before you use your mobile phone.

Page 8: Page 9: Page Setup Guide Press and hold down the power key on the right side of the phone until the phone vibrates.